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Founded in 2008, Omega Systems has proven experience in the field of information technology.

Over time, the company has been involved in various projects from information systems development, authentication services and cyber security. Accordingly, it has the expertise and capacity to implement solutions to secure infrastructure, cyber security at all levels from corporate technology infrastructure, to critical infrastructure and relevant to national security.

Our company strives to provide high-quality, innovative and reliable cyber security services that protect our customers from modern cyber threats and keep their valuable data secure.

Cyber Security
Scope and Importance of Cyber Security
Protection of personal data and information
Personal data and personal information, including financial data, medical records and private messages, are at risk of cyber-attacks. Weak cyber security can lead to the compromise of this information and violation of our privacy.
Protection of business information
Enterprises store a lot of sensitive information that is critical to their operations. Cyber attacks, such as stealing intellectual property or disrupting operations through malware, can cause serious economic damage.
National Security
Critical infrastructures such as power grids, military systems and transportation systems are at risk from cyber attacks. Weak security of these systems can have serious implications for national security.
Economic consequences
Cyber attacks can lead to economic damage, both for individuals and organizations. Losses of funds, disruption of business operations and reduction in customer confidence can have long-term and negative effects on the economy.
Health and Safety
Recently, cyber threats have emerged that affect physical infrastructure and people's health. Directly and indirectly, many cyber attacks also affect supply chains. This could include attacks on medical equipment, cars or even water and food delivery infrastructure.
Trust in digital systems
With the growth of technology and digital transformation, trust in technological solutions is becoming increasingly important. If users and organizations cannot trust the security of these systems, this can limit their use and development.
Prevention of criminal activities
Cyber crime, including fraud, theft and money laundering, is carried out over the Internet. Strengthening cyber security can contribute to reducing criminal activities.
Building and maintaining a cyber-resistant technological infrastructure
Cyber resilience
Development of information systems, processes automation, digital transformation, firewalls, e-mail, DNSSEC, remote access.
Cyber infrastructure
Cyber hygiene, cyber ranges, cyber simulators, cyber trainings, SOC.
Data security, authentication, identification.
Cloud systems
private, public and hybrid cloud systems.
Cyber analyses
Cyber audit and cyber survey of full-scale technological infrastructure.
Virtual machines, clusters, containers.
Technology infrastructure audit

CYBER SURVEY, CYBER AUDIT and ANALYSIS of information and communication infrastructure (ICT) according to the regulations on Network and Information Security (NIS) and the European Directive on Network and Information Security NIS-2 coming into force in October 2024. Cyber security audit, cyber security survey and analysis, penetration testing, physical and logical network connectivity, communications, services, information systems. Reporting, issuing recommendations, implementing solutions.

RISK ASSESSMENT and determination of the degree of protection or weakness in the cyber protection of IT infrastructure and network communications via private and public networks. Assessing the risk of leakage of personal and other critical data and preparing methods and cyber solutions.

Cyber Secyrity Trainings

Next-generation CYBER SECURITY TRAINING, through a continuously updated program that uses the latest innovations from cyber labs to track and detect cyber attacks that draw on the latest hacker techniques and skills to improve defenses and expert training.

The trainings focus on real practical experience in a safe environment on a cyber training ground, simulator and training system where trained experts can experience everything practically, see it and personally experience it. This takes training out of the realm of theoretical knowledge by equipping experts with real-world knowledge and personal practical experience and skills.

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